The biggest wedding trends for 2019

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The new year is nearly upon us and with it a whole new range of wedding themes, color, schemes and trends.

We’ve been looking at the international influence of weddings overseas as well as chatting with Australian couples to see what they like for their weddings, and what we’re going to see more of in 2019.

Luxury elements and private moments are definitely things to look forward to, while personalised signed and natural makeup aren’t going anywhere.

What is coming in 2019

Luxury elements everywhere

We’ve already seen how the influence of Instagram and Pinterest luxury weddings has brought luxury elements to more weddings, but this is something we’re going to see even more of in 2019.

Luxury rustic barn getups or luxury bohemian weddings are definitely going to be in style, while we’ll see more luxury elements added to vintage, vineyard and even alternative weddings.

It doesn’t matter what sort of theme you’re going for, luxe feature to your décor is becoming more and more accessible, and as a result is being used by more and more couples.

Private moments

We’ve all seen the ‘first look’ photograph trend, but now these private moments are extending into the wedding ceremony as well. Some couples are choosing to actually say their personal vows in private with just the celebrant as a witness, so that they can have their own moment together in private before sharing their love with their family and friends.

Many couples say that they wish they’d had more time with their partner during their wedding, so we’re seeing couples actually carve this time into their schedule. We’re going to see this move from photos and vows to other elements of the wedding, such as private dining tables for the couple, or even private meetings before the official ceremony.

Out-of-the-box entertainment

Everyone loves entertainment at a wedding but this is going further than the traditional band and photo booth. Couples are choosing out-there entertainment for their guests, whether it’s aerialists, fireworks, or specific dancers, to make their wedding even more unique.

Given the response to the Sangeet, talent quest ceremony at Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding, we don’t think that the trend of having more elaborate entertainment is going anywhere soon.

Interactive food stations

Food trucks and food stations have been around for a little while, but in 2019 they’re really going to hit their stride. We’re seeing catering before increasingly important for couples on their big day who are looking to taste something a little bit different.

From making your own tacos, to paella stations and waffle food trucks, interactive food stations and even buffet-style meals are going to be more popular in 2019.

More alternative seating

We’re seeing weddings take on a bit more of a relaxed vibe when it comes to food and seating. More couples are going to opt for relaxed seating in 2019 rather than fixed seating for their guests. We’ll also see more styled when it comes to seating, with traditional chairs making way for more bench seats, cushions, crates and pallet seating for that boho vibe.

A focus on conscious eating and entertaining

2018 saw the ban of the plastic bag and pushback against plastic straws as just two environmental issues at the forefront of the news, and this is creeping into the wedding industry as well. In 2019 it’s going to become even more important, with couples opting for more options that are environmentally friendly, support local producers, and are also deemed as healthier options.

Letter cakes

Letter cakes with a couples initials are being used to personalise that wedding day even more, however they don’t quite get the same luxe wedding-feel as a tier or layered cake does.

We can expect to see more of these in 2019 before they start fizzling out again for 2020.

Current trends that will remain strong or evolve

Personalised signs

They’ve been the gem of 2018 weddings and personalisation is going to keep going strong at weddings into 2019.

With so many different variations to choose from when it comes to personalized signs, it’s easy for couples to keep incorporating these into their wedding days. And we must admit we love that couples are making their big day more about them.

Circular arbours

Circular arbours, hanging installations and décor are all being used at the moment, and we’re seeing this trend merge into other areas. Couples are loving circular arbours at the moment, giving them that stunning backdrop while making it a little bit more unique. And we must admit, they do look stunning!

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