Elle Fanning’s beauty and style evolution, from adorable tween to Teen Spirit star

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t seems just yesterday that baby Elle Fanning made her first appearance on screens across the world as the younger version of her sister Dakota’s character Lucy Dawson in I Am Sam . Now, at 21 years old, she has fully transitioned into a grown-up actor. Over the years, Fanning has demonstrated her acting chops in everything from the modern psychological horror Neon Demon to her latest film, the pop fairytale Teen Spirit , and she’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

While it’s normal for any actress to play with a wide range of fashion looks throughout their career—especially during their teens and 20s—Fanning’s evolution is especially apparent because she grew up in the public eye. Amazingly, she’s managed the pressure of growing up in the spotlight while still being able to find her own style.

Here are favorite Elle Fanning style moments of the past ten years.


This outfit marks Fanning’s transition from literal baby to tween in full self-expression mode. Her combination of blue tights and black combat boots scream “I listen to my OWN music now, Mom!” This is an outfit straight out of Pen15 .


Fanning is giving us some early Mandy Moore clean-cut and dressed up vibes with this tea-length white dress.


This look is red carpet evening gown-meets-school girl chic, and the color-blocking is seamless.

Jacopo Raule/FilmMagic, Getty Images

Fanning is channeling the fashion spirit of Princess Diana.

Vera Anderson/WireImage, Getty Images

It’s rare that someone with a pale skin tone can pull off the color white without looking washed out, particularly in a full monochrome outfit, but Fanning absolutely crushes it in this elegant, floral crocheted pantsuit.


Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic, Getty Images

Here, Fanning is giving us Tuck Everlasting vibes with a bodice made for an island getaway. Her makeup completes the look with a nice natural combination of tinted lip gloss, blush, and light eyeshadow. This ensemble is the epitome of “fresh-faced.”


This is yet another dress that proves Fanning is a vision in white who either never spills anything, or keeps a Tide pen handy. The shorter hemline paired with the stilettos and lace bodice make this a more mature evolution of her flower girl fashion.

In a timeless and classy vixen lewk, Fanning’s straight, honey blonde side-part perfectly complements a flowy black party dress and glowing minimalist makeup.

Fanning is crushing a bolder makeup look here with the winged eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, and tinted lip gloss. Plus, the pulled-back hairdo really makes her eyes pop.


This flowing purple tulle dress paired with pulled-back hair and rose makeup makes Fanning look like a modern Cinderella, or perhaps more fittingly, given her role in Maleficent , Princess Aurora.

This low-cut green and silver fern dress taps into Fanning’s love of high-end bohemian fashion, particularly with her straight center-part.


Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

This dress is bluer than the sky, and Fanning’s smile is even brighter than her jeweled headpiece.


Hello, Twiggy, is that you?! This bold eye look is giving us full sixties glamour, complete with a bright yellow pantsuit.


While it’s impossible to tell from this photo, Fanning’s hair is channeling the butterfly clip hairstyles of yore. The rest of the outfit also feels like an updated early-2000s look with the cropped three-quarter length sleeve top and clear heels.

Our girl is serving us Pretty in Pink- meets- Legally Blonde with her winged eyeliner, and the hot pink monochrome makeup perfectly matches her headband.

Sneakers with a Marilyn Monroe-themed graphic matching set is a casual Elle look we can get behind.

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