10 Must-Read Technology Blogs to Keep You In the Know

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Here are ten of the best technology blogs to help businesses updated with trends and important insights.

We’re surrounded by technology on a daily basis, and yet most of the time, we don’t know how it works. It is due in part to how quickly information becomes outdated and obsolete as technology evolves and changes at an exponential rate.

Books, TV and even IT professionals have trouble keeping up to date with changing trends. The only way to stay current with technology is through information online—the only medium that achieves anything close to real-time updates.

While sites like Mashable and Wired do provide articles about technology, it’s often filled with clickbait or recycled material. If you want informative articles about technology and insights from the tech industry, you need to read blogs that are regularly updated by people that know about the industry and care about providing quality content to their readers.

Here are ten of the best technology blogs out there today:

1. Toptal Engineering Blog

This blog is run by engineers, for engineers. Articles here are published by top senior software engineers that cover their specific topic of expertise, and the articles consistently offer in-depth technical analysis, ranging from tips and tricks to detailed code snippets.

With over 100,000 subscribers and near-daily posts, the Toptal Engineering Blog is getting serious recognition and for good reason. There is no better technical engineering blog on the internet.

2. Both Sides of the Table

Both Sides of the Table gets its name from Mark Suster, who is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist (hence both sides).

While talking about his successes, trials, and efforts at Upfront Ventures, where he is currently a general partner, he also includes tips on marketing and how to build a startup. Anyone looking for insights on building a company in the tech industry or venture capitalism should give this blog a read.

3. The Information

The Information is founded by Jessica Lessin, who previously covered Silicon Valley for the Wall Street Journal for more than eight years.

Lessin takes her journalistic expertise to break stories about some of the biggest names in the business. With subscriptions and weekly summaries of their weekly content, this site is a good way to stay in touch with what’s going on in the tech epicenter of the Bay Area.

4. ReadWrite

This blog has been around since 2003 as ReadWriteWeb before changing its moniker in 2012. With a dozen years of experience, ReadWrite has developed an established team to handle the guest writers that post to the site.

It’s known for giving attention to less popular companies and its reliable insight about the implementations of technology.

5. TechCrunch

Perhaps the most well-known entry on this list, TechCrunch is still worth mentioning because it does what it says it is going to do so well.

The site is unparalleled with its accurate and rapid reporting on startups all over the globe. With informed writers who write opinionated pieces, TechCrunch is a must-read for anyone who wants to keep an eye on up-and-coming companies.

6. fossBytes

Only a year old, fossBytes is gaining traction in the tech blog world. The blog is co-founded and run by Adarsh Verma and Arpit Verma, the two wanted to start a blog that wasn’t focused on Silicon Valley and instead kept an eye on startups all over the world.

Apart from this broad scope, fossBytes provides information on new gadgets and company structures or deals, and the site also provides how to guides to improve your devices with simple steps, providing a well-rounded read for anyone interested in tech.

7. GigaOM

With over 200 independent analysts working for GigaOM, this site is known for the in-depth analysis in its articles. Since its beginning in 2006, GigaOM has grown a following that is now over 6.5 million monthly users, and as a result, the company has an active comments section with multiple perspectives giving additional input on the site’s content.

GigaOM is a great site to learn about tech companies’ latest decisions and why they made them as well as the latest software features of your favorite tech.

8. Engadget

Engadget is the go-to site for any information relating to gadgets and the latest hardware, covering everything from video games to cars to NASA tech.

The site reliably posts prompt in-depth reviews on the latest releases, so you’ll always know what the best of the market is. With a video section walking you through the gadget’s features and how it looks. Engadget is a great site to stay up-to-date with the latest releases.

9. Coding Horror

Coding Horror was started and written by Jeff Atwood, co-founder of StackOverflow, and is full of smart writing and makes for a great read. Focusing on the human element of tech, the blog is as much about Atwood’s life as it is the technology he uses.

The blog posts cover everything from his kids to how to set up a home entertainment system, Atwood’s blog provides insights and shortcuts for daily life as well as the technical side of things.

10. A List Apart

Combining a blog, articles, and columns, A List Apart is a useful read for all things web-related, from design and development to best practices.

The site has regular writers but accepts guest contributions as well, publishing them after extensive review and fact-checking. A List Apart only wants quality content, and for that, earns a mention on this list.

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